Wood slowpitch softball bats

Slowpitch softball bats can be made of several types of materials. Wood has the great benefit of being allowed by almost all the leagues, while giving you enough power as well as precision on your swing. In this article I intend to give you information about which are the best wooden slowpitch softball bats, and what are the pros and cons of each type.


One of the main concerns of players about wooden bats is that they might break when hitting the ball. Based on the experience of the players I know, this is very unlikely. In fact, unless you have a faulty bat which already comes with some kind of manufacturing fault, and came out of the factory with a problem, this is not going to happen. Most bat manufacturers have a one year warranty on their products anyway, so if your bat breaks they will likely change it for a new one free of cost.


There are multiple types of wood used for manufacturing slowpitch softball bats. The three main types of wood used are maple, ash and bamboo, but bats can be made of some kind of composite wood as well. 


The main positive of bamboo bats is that they last the longest, they are the most durable kinds of bats. If you are a contact player, and you like to use cunningness instead of force to beat your opponents, ash is the type you should go for. These bats can give a little bit of whip to the ball, and as a result allow the hitter to fool the opponents. 


Some bats are made of multiple types of wood, these are multi-layered bats and can have a wide range of characteristics depending on exactly what type of wood they are made of. Bats made of wood and some other material are usually banned by most softball leagues.


Maple bats have a reputation of being very hard, and excellent for hitting home runs. These bats are the best for players who like to put a lot of force into their swings. A type of bat worth trying out is the Brett Bros Thunders. It has Bamboo handles and Maple necks. The bamboo handle helps prevent breaking, while the maple helps put force into the hit. 

 The fact that the bat is made of two materials also helps put a bit more distance on the hit, as when the ball hits the bat, it bends backwards a little bit, and launches the ball into the air as it comes back to its original position. Just the way a catapult would work. These bats are excellent for hitting long distances and home runs. 

Another thing which changes from one bat to another is its feel in your hands when you hold it. If you can do it, go to your nearest sports store, and try holding different kinds of bats in your hands. Each wooden bat feels slightly different, and this is an important point when it comes to choosing the perfect slowpitch softball bat for yourself.


Another great thing about wooden bats is their price. They are quite cheap, especially compared to metal and composite bats.


As with all bats you have to check your league’s regulations about what kind of bats they allow. There are wooden bats that adhere to ASA as well as USSSA regulations, so no matter what regulations your league follows, you can find the perfect bat for your requirements. 




No matter what your playing style is, you can find the perfect wooden slowpitch softball bat for yourself. Whether you are a power hitter, or a contact player you can find the right bat.


Most wooden bats are durable, frictions are rare. Go to one of your local stores in order to try out multiple types of wooden bats if you have the chance. This way you can check the bats for that x factor, and really find the perfect one. Some bats feel like they were made for you, while others don’t feel that comfortable in your hands even though you can’t explain why. 

 All in all, no matter what you are looking for, there is a wooden slowpitch softball bat out there waiting for you.

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